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Discipleship training and sending


  • Final Six months before the cross. Jesus is focused on training his disciples.
  • Jesus puts a major emphasis on leadership and discipleship.
  • Luke 10 Tells the leaders what they should do and in Luke 11 he teaches them what not to do.

Jesus Teaches on Prayer Luke 11:1-13

“how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”

  • v8 Jesus emphasizes that he releases increased power of the Holy Spirit to those who ask persistently
  • v13 We are not asking for the holy spirit. We are asking for increased activity. When we pray it increases the activity of Angels and the Holy Spirit.
  • If Jesus releases more Holy Spirit activity there will be a greater attack of the enemy against you. Luke 11:15

Jesus accused of driving out demons by Beelzebub Luke 11:14-28

  • v15 Some people in the crowd accuse Jesus of driving out demons by the power of Beelzebub. Because of the delegation from Jerusalem. Mark 3:22
  • v22 Jesus says it takes a stronger man(himself) to drive out the strong man
  • v26 It’s worse than before for a man who does not respond appropriately to the activity of the Holy Spirit in his life.

The Sign of Jonah Luke 11:29-32

  • v31 The queen of Sheba and the v32 men of Nineveh would stand in Judgment against the generation that rejected Jesus (Gentiles!)

Warning the Pharisees Luke 11:37-53

  • v42 Woe#1 Practiced externalism but rejected the first(Love God) and second commandment(Neglecting Social Justice) Isaiah 3:15
  • v43 Woe#2 You position yourself in places of honor outside of Gods will. (Demanding position and stature)
  • v44 Woe#3 Unmarked Graves. Don’t touch a dead body and “the traditions of men”. Numbers 19:11-13 (Confusing people with poor doctrine)
  • v46 Woe#4 Heavy Burdens (legalism and unnecessary works) Isaiah 29:13
  • v47 Woe#5 Hypocrisy, false honor and blood of the prophets (Associating with the prophetic message while being guilty of rejecting it)
  • v52 Woe#6 Taking away the key of knowledge. The key of knowledge is Gods plan of Salvation in the person of Jesus. The religious leaders had religious and legal power. (Manipulation)
    Example: Obscuring the truth about Jesus, his authority as God, who he says he is and the authority of his words.

Warned multitudes against hypocrisy of Pharisees Luke 12:1-12

  • v1 identify and reject false doctrine and practice
  • v2-3 Both the positive things (friends) and negative things(Pharisees) will be exposed over time.
  • v4-7 Do not be afraid of what men can do. But live in fear (high respect) of God.
  • v8-10 God acknowledges those who acknowledge him, disowns those who disown him and but does not forgive blasphemers of the Holy Spirit (Attributing works of the spirit to demons)

The rich fool Luke 12:13-21

  • v15 Possessions and money can destroy your heart and walk with the Lord if a biblical perspective is not kept Matthew 6:19-23
  • v19-21 Reject a life focused on possessions and presumed comfort. Jeremiah 23:28-29 and Ezekiel 13:5

Do not worry Luke 12:22-32

  • v22 “Therefore” links what he will say in the following verses to the previous teaching about finances, possessions and position related to other men.

Parable of the watchful servants Luke 12:35-48

  • v35-40 Live with the fullest commitment in your heart that the Lord has revealed to you, always prepared and never presumptuous Matthew 5:48
    “It will be good” (3x) for those who are v37 Watching 38 are ready v39 doing
  • v45-48 The results of living in presumption of a delayed return. Those who live a lifestyle that is abusive to the grace of God.
    The servant that knows his masters will and doesn’t obey it will be beaten with many blows. But the ignorant that disobey will be beaten with few blows. Jesus is not talking about beating people. He is using an analogy that was relevant to the culture at that time with the political hierarchy and system of slavery. Paul refers to it as suffering loss 1 Corinthians 3:15

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