Core Convictions

Not every core conviction about the end times is ultimately essential to our belief system.  We will categorize our core beliefs into three sections:  essential, core values, and helpful.  Sometimes we will share our own opinions on a matter within an article based on conclusions drawn from biblical evidence, but we strive to label those thoughts as such.

Essential Doctrines:

  1. The absolute authority of Scripture.
  2. A literal second coming of Jesus.
  3. The reality of an eternal heaven and hell.
  4. The reality of the eternal nature of human beings and their eternal reward or judgment.

Core Values:

  1. An end of the age victorious Church including an end of the age harvest of souls to Christ.
  2. A literal return of Christ followed by a literal 1,000 year reign of Jesus on the earth with the saints.
  3. A future fulfillment of the Abrahamic covenant regarding God’s restoration of the physical land of Israel according to the boundaries specified in Genesis to those from the line of Jacob.  Spiritual salvation to all of the physical descendants of Jacob at the end of the age.
  4. A literal chain of events that occurs as laid out by the book of Revelation.
  5. A literal anti-christ figure and an end of the age “beast” kingdom.
  6. A post-tribulation rapture at the end of the Great Tribulation.
  7. Eternal rewards and consequences for those who choose to follow/not follow Jesus before His return.


  1. The identity of the beast kingdom.
  2. The identity of “Mystery Babylon.”
  3. Knowledge of “The Day of the Lord.”
  4. Knowledge of what the world will look like during the Millennium, under Jesus’ rule.
  5. Knowledge of modern “signs of the times” as they relate to the biblical accounts of the signs of the times.
  6. Understanding the end of the age siege of Jerusalem.