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Defining the beatitudes what they are.

The 8 attitudes of the kingdom – Gearing Up

  • In the sermon on the mount Jesus is committed to equipping us for adverse life situations without the feelings of defeatism and hopelessness.
  • If we are overrun with emotional negativity we wont have the capacity to love well.
  • The Sermon on the mount gives us 8 Beautiful truths that equip every believer to walk in victory over emotional distress, self hatred, anxiety, depression but also teaches us to walk in humility and love at the highest levels.
  • He equips us to with these 8 beatitudes as tools that we can use to ascend the mountain called life.
  • After teaching the 8 beatitudes Jesus will describe the most common problems that confront us in life and how we are are to responds as citizens of his kingdom. This is how we become salt and light.
  • The evidence that we have the spirit operating in us is that we respond life circumstances issues as Jesus describes and become brighter examples of Love and a family of affection.
  • because of our familiarity with this sermon, it is common to be passive about it’s contents and presume that we are adhering to it without giving it any special attention.
  • We are not automatically awesome at following the sermon on the mount, nor are we expected to be.
  • Jesus gives us this sermon and a point of conversation that the Holy Spirit is delighted to have with us. The catch is that we need to be willing to ask.
  • Jesus’s vision and desire for us is found in Peter?
  • Because of the amount of content the scripture provides it is easy to become overwhelmed.
  • I imagine the word of God like a galaxy and Jesus reaches up into the vortex of the galxay and grabs a piece of it and gives it to us in the sermon on the mount.
  • Another analogy is like a wagon wheel. The sermon on the mount is the hub and the rest of the bible are the spokes. Every truth in the epistles finds its center point in this sermon.
  • When we talk to Jesus through the scriptures it is like giving him home field advantage, its truth on his terms.
  • This sermon answers the cry of the philosophers, what is our purpose, why are we here and how do we please God.
  • This sermon answers the wound of the poor, why is my life this way, how should I live and what should I expect.
  • This sermon brings peace to the wealthy and the weight they carry from the responsibility of earthly authority.
  • This sermon came from the most important person in human history to display the perfect strategy to bring freedom to the human heart.
  • This sermon is not only the most important sermon ever spoken but quite possibly the most important words ever written.
  • Confronts our independence.
  • Its contents brings peace to the conflicted.
  • Brings and end to racism and war.
  • Ends hatred for our brothers.
  • Teaches love with no limit and no end.
  • This sermon contains the contents of what the holy spirit wants to talk to us about most and the rewards that the human heart does not even know it desires.
  • This sermon I believe will heal the doctrinal and denominational divides.
  • This sermon I believe will confront and heal the issues of sessationism.
  • This sermon I believe will heal the divide caused by poor doctrinal practices and theological abuse.
  • In this sermon Jesus is describing what a citizen of the Kingdom looks like.
  • The sermon on the mount is describing what it looks like to abide in Matthew 22:37-38.
  • The sermon on the mount can be mistakenly read as, if you want to be saved this is how you do it. No!
  • The Sermon on the mount is, if you want to live with a vibrant heart and feel the benefits of the kingdom, this is how you live.
  • Most of our problems in live come from neglecting, ignoring or mitigating the 8 beatitudes.

The Beatitudes define

  1. The eight beatitudes define first commandment love John 13-17
  2. They define the kingdom lifestyle
  3. They define what ministry impact is

Jesus settles the issue of Legalism and Love

The 8 beatitudes, when expressed sincerely, through a believer can often times be off-putting and seemingly promote legalism. However, Jesus makes a clear distinction on the difference between whole hearted obedience and legalism. The beatitdues are the 8 virtues that Jesus is leading every believer into so we can be the salt and light of the earth v.13. Make no mistake, the man we love and worship is calling us to obey these commandments whole heartedly and to promote them in others.

The sermon on the mount is the intended fruit that the mosaic law was intended to produce through responding to the Lord in relationship. The religious leaders turn the law into an observance instead of invitations to the Fathers heart.

To walk in the full obedience of the kingdom values laid out in Matthew 5,6, and 7 we voluntarily give ourselves to the beatitudes of Matthew 5

Matthew 5:13 Being the Salt and Light will be burdensome if the 8 beatitudes are not operating in your life to some degree. Not perfectly, but the reach in our heart for them is sincere and determined.

If you make the 8 beatitudes the preoccupation of your mind and heart your life will naturally become a salt and light to this world. You won’t have to try, you will naturally exhibit and demonstrate the character and culture that Jesus promotes in his kingdom. You will in effect, be most effective.

  1. If you want to embrace what Jesus wanted you to embrace in terms of lifestyle choices. Sermon on the mount.
  2. If you want to disciple people in Kingdom values. Sermon on the mount.
  3. If you want to know how to be a faithful disciple. Sermon on the mount.
  4. If you want to know how to overcome anxiety, fear, and depression. Sermon on the mount.
  5. If you want to know how to live a life of peace, happiness, and satisfaction. Grab ahold of the sermon on the mount and never let go!

The sermon on the mount is the summary message of the most important things Jesus wanted us to receive in his teaching.

The Supernatural power of the beatitudes

  • The sermon on the mount is the most masterful teaching  He plants the beatitudes and seeds
  • The human heart is naturally bothered and unsatisfied. These virtues are the best medicine for depression, anxiety, worry, fear…
  • Every human heart longs for happiness the beatitudes lead us into a life of peace.
  • Our hearts and minds are constantly preoccupied with other things.
  • We have to be patient. The beatitudes grow
  • The 8 beatitudes are like a table of contents. Learn and teach them in almost every Bible narrative.
  • The Blessings are not generic. They are designed invitations.

It’s not too much to think about or remember. These are the keys to personal emotional freedom. Set your mind on what is pure, right and holy. We want these 8 beatitudes to become the preoccupation of our mind.

If you worry and you judge it will completely shift the inner dialog that you have with God about the virtues to the negative circumstances of everyone elses lack of commitment. It will steal the life out of the message and you will lose your salt and your light.

Jesus is not asking us to intellectually agree with what he deems as healthy lifestyle choices he is inviting us to a real culture of change and humility where we go low and lift up others, impacting everyone and the culture around us. He is inviting us into a radical commitment of humility and life style choices.

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