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Overview: Life and Times of Jesus – Handout


Matthew emphasizes Jesus as King. Mark Emphasizes Jesus as a servant. Luke emphasizes  Jesus humanity. John emphasizes Jesus deity.


The Harmony of the gospels. To demystify some of the contradictions and bring the 4 biographies of Jesus life into a unified story.

There are close to 400 recorded steps that Jesus took, and when you see them in chronological order. It becomes a lot easier to work through what seems to be a contradiction.


Israel at the time of Jesus was approximately 70miles wide and and 150miles in length.

Israel was sectioned into five main areas. If know these 5 areas you will have a clearer picture of where Jesus is and what he is doing.

Galilee – Where most of Jesus ministry took place. Capernum is the major city of Galilee and was Jesus headquarters.

Samaria – Samaria is an area and city.

Judea – Half of Judea is dessert. The wilderness of Judea. Cities included Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Emmaus, and Jericho.

Perea – The area beyond the Jordan. This is where John the baptist was baptizing people.

Decapolis –  Deca means 10. Decapolis is a group of 10 predominately Greek cities. Jesus healed the sick and cast out demons, fed people. The Jews did not like Jesus blessing the Greeks.

Jordan River – Runs north-south for about 80 miles connecting the Sea of Galilee (in the north) and the Dead Sea (in the south).

The Sea of Galilee – Has 3 different names 1.Sea of Galilee 2. the Lake of Gennesaret (Lk. 5:1) 3. Sea of Tiberias (Jn. 6:1; 21:1). Surrounded by 9 cities totaling around 15,000 people. Popular place for tax collectors and Roman soldiers.



Pontius Pilate – Roman governor and regional oversight – Reports to Rome. Lives in Cesaria.

Felix and Festus – Governors in the book of acts.

Herod the Great – Jesus birth (37–4 BC).

Herod Antipas Jewish leader under Romain Authority (BC 4-AD 39).

Herod Agrippa Book of Acts (AD 37-44).

Sanhedrin Religious Leaders similar to the US senate. Made up of 70 elders. Reported to Rome and consistently taking advantage of the Jewish people.

Scribes Devout to the word of God. Would teach and duplicate the scriptures.

Pharisees Pharisees arose out of the scribes. Preserved the law. Responsible for “Tradition of men” or “The tradition of the elders”.

Sadducees – Came from the ranks of priests. Held most of the political and religious because of their wealth and position. Occupied most of the Sanhedrin. Did not believe in a physical resurrection or eternal judgment.

Essene’s – Lived in the desert and in self denial. Devotion in prayer, fasting and the word. John the baptist grew up with the Essene’s.

Zealots – Patriotic party that hated Rome. Did not want a spiritual King. Wanted a conquering King messiah.


Part 1. Jesus pre-existance and genealogy.
Part 2. Jesus and John the Baptists birth to adulthood.
Part 3. John’s ministry and Jesus temptation.
Part 4. Beginning of Jesus public ministry.
Part 5. Jesus moves ministry to Galilee.
Part 6. Training of 12 Disciples.
Part 7. Jesus Ministry in Judea.
Part 8. Jesus Ministry in Perea.
Part 9. Jesus enters Jerusalem as Messiah.
Part 10. Jesus death, resurrection and accession.

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