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Overview: Life and Times of Jesus



The Harmony of the gospels. To demystify some of the contradictions and bring the 4 biographies of Jesus life into a unified story.

Having a clearer picture of the biography of Jesus

Matthew emphasizes Jesus as King.
Mark Emphasizes Jesus as a servant.
Luke emphasizes  Jesus humanity.
John emphasizes Jesus deity.

Matthew is not a chronological book.

The book of Matthew is organized according to themes. It has an introduction then 5 main parts that conclude with a large block of teaching from Jesus. Then the book concludes with the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Mark is a chronological book.

Mark is scribing the eyewitness account of Peter. The events in this book are the most part chronological, however this book is split into 3 major acts.
Act 1. Chapter 1-8 Jesus Ministry in Galilee – Who is Jesus?
Act 3. Chapter 11-16 Jesus final days in Jerusalem – Jesus proclaims he is the messiah.
Act 2. Chapter 8-10 Jesus travels from Galilee to Jerusalem – Jesus disciples are struggling to understand what it means for Jesus to be the messiah.

A. The Land

Israel at the time of Jesus was approximately 70miles wide and and 150miles in length. So imagine going from Springfield to Joplin is about 70 miles and then Springfield to Kansas City is about 160 miles. It’s roughly the same size.

Isreal was section into five main areas. If know these 5 areas you will have a clearer picture of where Jesus is and what he is doing.

Galilee – Where most of Jesus ministry took place. Capernum is the major city of Galilee and was Jesus headquarters. So he would go out and plant seeds and stir things up and then go back to Capernum.

Samaria – Samaria is an area and city

Judea – Half of Judea is dessert. The wilderness of Judea. Cities included Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Emmaus, and Jericho

Perea – The area beyond the Jordan. This is where John the baptist was baptizing people.

Decapolis –  Deca means 10. Decapolis is a group of 10 predominately Greek cities. The Greeks and the Romans didn’t really like each other because the Romans defeated the Greeks. However, the Greeks in decapolis formed a league to help Rome  resist Jewish uprisings. Jesus healed the sick and cast out demons.

Jordan River – It runs north-south for about 80 miles connecting the Sea of Galilee (in the north) and
the Dead Sea (in the south).

The Sea of Galilee – Has 3 different names 1.Sea of Galilee 2. the Lake of Gennesaret (Lk. 5:1) 3. Sea of Tiberias (Jn. 6:1; 21:1). This body of water is important because it is surrounded by 9 cities totaling around 15,000 people. There was a lot commercial traffic in this area making it a popular place for tax collectors and Roman soldiers

B. Climate

C. The Languages

3 main languages Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. Jesus spoke all 3. The romans and trade

D. Government of Israel

Pontius Pilate – Roman oversight

Herod Antipis – Jewish leader under Romain Authority

Sanhedrin – Religious Leaders

Paul in Acts 23:6 Escapes persecution by asking about the resurrection.

E. Problems with Harmonization of Gospels

F. 10 Parts of Jesus Life – A snapshot of Jesus’ life. The Feel of his whole life. Its like a puzzle. If you have the front  the box its easier to put context to each puzzle piece and see the context of how it fits in the overall picture.

Part 1. Jesus pre-existance and genealogy

Jesus fully chooses to identify with the human struggle. And even with his genealogy he speaks volumes about his character nature and leadership. Its not enough for us to know that he is an untreated God, but that he is also fully human and identifies with humans through his ancestry. Jesus is the only human who got to choose his family ancestry. He chooses Kings, Worshipers, Harlots, Liars, Murderers and weak and broken people to be in his family line. In Jewish culture your reputation and social standing were linked to your genealogy and who was in your family line.

Summary: Awesome mystery of the transcendent God that fully identifies with the human struggle and weakness, and he wants to partner with us.

Part 2. Jesus and John the Baptists birth to adulthood

This is about a 30 year period. There is a lot to consider in this second part as there are many applicable messages to our own life. It starts with with an increased level of supernatural activity. Prophetic promises, dreams angelic visitations. It’s and explosive way to begin the story of Jesus. When you consider that its been approximately 400 yrs since the last prophetic word went forth in Israel. The Suddenly of God breaks in and completely disrupts the lives of these 2 young women, Mary and Elizabeth.

Part 3. John’s ministry and Jesus’ temptation

Part 4. Beginning of Jesus public ministry

Part 5. Jesus moves ministry to Galilee

Part 6. Training of 12 Disciples

Part 7. Jesus Ministry in Judea

Part 8. Ministry in Perea

Part 9. Jesus Enters Jerusalem as Messiah

Part 10. Jesus death and resurrection

Chronological summary of the New Testament Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John timeline)

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